Monday, October 10, 2011

Levuka 4x4 park - September 22nd-25th 2011

Where did we go - Levuka 4x4 Park

When - September 2011

How long did we stay - 3 nights

Vehicle / Caravan - Patrol & Bravo + Expanda

Funny moments - the sound Amanda made when I lost the rear of her car down a rut on the last day. I did another Ooops !

Where's Wally - Wally makes just the one appearance here. Can you find him? Comment at the bottom.

Front and Side Bars fitted

Now with new MUD TYRES !!!
Some quick testing at home to make sure the Bigger Rubber doesn't Rub 'er.

Even the Madaz has some new (used) rims - Shiney ones !!
Camp is only 2 hours from home
mmm, breakfast. Most important meal of the day
Time for some fun
ActionDad's 1st OOOPS - Rear left corner hit the wall - SEE VIDEO - thanks for catching the moment JB
Teachermum playing in the Mud
Heading out of the Rainforest
This weekend we stuck to the simple tracks for a change (NICE PIC JOHN!)
Kids having fun at camp
Even with Live worms for bait - we didn't get a bite



OOPS - I hit the rear harder on the 3rd day.

Nothing a 6ft crow bar cant fix
and maybe some of this !!

I had some new cameras for this trip - check out the DIFF CAM !!

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