Sunday, January 2, 2011

Woodgate 2010/2011 Sunday 2nd

Today I'm uploading some pics to the blog I took over the past few days. iPhone will only let me send 5 pics at a time to my blog.

Nathan is having a ball meeting lots of kids his age around the park and then playing with them at the beach.
One afternoon he went inside to play DS and chill - something he does well.
Colins diet consists of anything cooked on the BBQ, even today's pancakes came off the BBQ.
The last pic shows the storms we missed today. They came in from the sea and passed around us. Woohoo. Near the top of the image you can see Childers. Follow this to the coast line and you'll find us.

Tomorrow morning's low tide is looking great for a fish off the beach. Bait fish are being caught this afternoon at low tide so we might be in for some luck. All rods are geared up with at least 2 hooks on each and we're ready to go.

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