Saturday, January 8, 2011

Woodgate 2010/2011 8th Jan 'Crazy Loz' & 'Where's Wally'

A few days ago Lauren was doing cart wheels in the soft sand. Fast! She came unstuck, landed badly and twisted her foot back. X-rays showed no breaks. She on crutches until she can walk on it again.
Nathan said goodbye to his mate Nathan who he met last year.

Where's Wally?

The beach is looking good however we only managed a morning swim yesterday as the rain returned. The rain was not such a bad thing as we broke out DVDs for the 1st time and kids watched while the grown ups sat outside and chilled.

Today is our last day and I've not gone out to check the sky yet.

Might be interesting going home tomorrow as the highway is closed due to flooding again.

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