Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sept 2010 trip - Day 9 - Woodgate

It was SO relaxing waking up to the sound of waves on the beach. The tides are perfect for a morning low tide swim.
We took ABs Patrol on the beach for a bit of fun. At 40psi and still a heap of firewood in the back it was a tad sluggish. Executive decision was made - we bring the Bravo here at Christmas - more practical.
For lunch we could not resist the Chippy sandwiches - regular Christmas Woodgate lunch menu.
Later the kids took Wally to the beach .. and buried him ..... :) he got his revenge. The local Fisho was in town ... prawns for dinner.
Tomorrow we'll have another low tide swim then head home but detour inland as the highway is sure to be busy busy busy. 6 hours inland driving. We can then go pick up Lizzie and hopefully get an early nights sleep.

Girls digging up Pippies
I just had to get some sand in it :)
Mmmmm., lunch is served
The tide is coming in !!

Wally's Revenge !!

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