Friday, October 1, 2010

Sept 2010 trip - Day 8 - Wuruma Dam / Woodgate

We woke up at the dam and expected to have a nice relaxing day. Lazy morning. Roast dinner.
After CB cooked breakfast on the campfire the kids started to get bored. Loz even started doing Karate Kid impressions. AB asked CB 'how long on the GPS to get to Woodgate' - GPS carved out a nice track direct to the coast. Its 3 hours drive. "let's go". We packed up and hit the road. 4 hours later we were in Woodgate, on our 'Christmas' site, setup and ready to go to the beach.
To say 'the kids were excited to be at Woodgate' would be an understatement.
Tomorrow - the Patrol hits the beach to make the Trifecta of Mud, Flood and Sand in the one trip!!

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