Monday, September 27, 2010

Sept 2010 Trip - Day 3 - Meadowbank Farmstay Roma

Day 2 at Meadowbank was a long day. In the morning we hung out with the owners while they fed the orphaned calf.
Later we went for a walk and searched for phone reception so AB could phone Takaraka @ Carnarvon- our next stop. We have the "all clear" to head up there tomorrow.
A dry warm day meant we could get some washing done. AB and Madi scrubbed clothes - old skool.
We spotted some magpies going nuts at something in a nearby tree. A closer look revealed one big lizard!! Wally went in closest!
In the afternoon there was some drama as a stray dog came onto the property and attacked some sheep. After farm owner Don carried the injured sheep back to safety he headed back past us with his rifle. One bullet later and Don's problem was solved.
Tomorrow we head to Takaraka near Carnarvon Gorge - no phone reception or blog updates for a few days


Watching the calf being fed
Morning chores on the farm
Farmer Madi
Wally v Lizzard

Nathan envious of the 'man on the noisy bike'

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