Friday, October 1, 2010

Sept 2010 trip - Day 7 - Wuruma Dam

On day 7 we headed out of Carnarvon Gorge. After wondering why there was not much oncoming traffic ... and why a passing guy flashed his hazard lights we come to our first Closed Road. After AB recently explained our insurance does not cover us on Officially Closed Roads.... we went through. On the other side was the town of Rolleston and lots of travellers being warned by locals not to cross and ruin their road .... But the Road Trains went through .... Work that out !!??
After a quick stop in Moura to check out the Free Stay camp we opted to move on. Luckily we did as we found a very nice free-stay Wuruma Dam.
I dug a hole ;) and we had the van level.
We finally got to have a decent fire and CB cooked up some meat.

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